It was about the last exams of my graduation, and next day my exam was to be held on. It was the last exam of the graduation and I wanted to do something different before. I thought that I should conduct a huge party in any restaurant. But it was so costly so I changed my plan, I wanted to celebrate alone.

So I planned to play some online events. That’s why I grabbed my mobile phone and started to search for some new pokies. There were a long list of contests but I wanted to do different. I was looking for a contest that could offer me a giant prize. Very soon I found a poker machine and it was a progressive jackpot slot machine from microgamming.

Name of that event was Major Millions, and it was the one which was so interesting among all the events. It was a 5 reel and twenty payline poker machine with some extra ordinary features. It included many wild symbols like animals and forests etc. I had 200 dollars in my pocket that time and I wanted to play until finishing those 200 dollars.

I went for review so that I can assure myself. I found it very attractive pokie, and many players like to play with that. I started to play that contest with the least waging amount. I hit my first chance to the target and was rewarded with a small prize.

And then I lost many chances continuously that broken my heart, I was little weepy that time. There were only 50 dollars remaining. But I kept myself continued and then won most of chances after that. Now my amount was 350 dollars. And I left playing that contest. I enjoyed those hours very much. I also earned some money while playing.

I would really like to suggest you to give a try on this event. I felt very good so I can say that it gives happiness to our face, why don’t you try on this.

Night of the Wolf Slot Machine

Even werewolves love to be in love. However, the online slot game’s two protagonists need your support as their paths don’t seem to cross.

These moon-crossed lovers, who are man and woman by day and werewolves at night, must be introduced. There are many rewards for introducing our protagonists; you can find some items to help them get along.

If you are successful in your quest, you will be rewarded with bonuses such as a Super Stacks Feature and a Free Games Bonus.

Bewitching Wolves

They might be cursed by night, but by day our protagonists are film stars’ good looks. But beauty is nothing if it’s not your soulmate.

Moonlit Money

They may not be the only wolves living in the woods, but they can be identified by the lettered symbols you will find. These symbols will increase your bank balance by 8x your stake. Magic viles of elixir can be found in the forest, allowing the protagonists in human form to continue to exist. This will give you a 10x stake. You will also find the traditional rings, pendants, and other gifts that werewolves love to exchange to express their affection.

The couple will need to be found, but you can be a werewolf or a human. However, the latter pays more with up to 300x your stake.

It would be satisfactory if you also were on the lookout for red roses, which seem to glow in the moonlight. These red roses can be found in the forest and are available to trigger the Free Games Bonus. Five symbols trigger the bonus and give five games. However, six roses award seven games, seven roses ten games, and eight roses 15 games.

After you have united the werewolf characters, they will likely go Wild. But only with delight. Wild werewolves will activate the Wild Bonus, where Wild symbols can replace any other except the Moonlit Roses and make many payout lines.

The Super Stacks Feature transforms stacked symbols into one symbol at the start of every game to increase the payout line.

There’s Nothing to Howl About

There are plenty of Night Wolf payouts, but nothing to be excited about regarding the stake options. You can play 1, 5, 9, 15, or 30 lines and stake them with 0.01 to 1.0 coins. If you want to shoot for the moon, you can play as many as 30 coins per spin. Or you can spin 0.01 coins per spin if you happily play with the smaller stakes pack.

Love is in the Air

Although the love story’s protagonists may seem unusual, the payouts and bonus offers are extraordinary. Love is definitely in the air!

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